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What is starCTRL

starCTRL is an app by Quasar Science that allows control of multiple RR and R2 tubes via Bluetooth from an iOS device

That is no Moon.  It's a..

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Download on the Apple iOS App Store today!

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StarCTRL uses Bluetooth to control Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow fixtures from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad).  StarCTRL gives you full manual control of a 16-bit HSIC profile with effects and color presets, using a special built-in profile in single-pixel mode called starCTRL mode..

The goal of the app is for fast & simple control without too many features that would make things complex.  StarCTRL is the quickest way to get intensity, color and effects running in a matter of minutes.

No worrying about DMX addresses or Profiles. Just get in there.

Requires iOS 15 or later and the app is free in the App Store


The bluetooth standard in iOS allows for 7 connections.  While you can control more than 7 fixtures expect persistent connection issues if you try to do so.

Firmware Update

First. make sure your light is updated to Firmware v0.8 (or later) to be able to pilot the starCTRL.

Head over to the Quasar Science Update Sector for Instructions HERE


starCTRL requires Firmware v0.8B or later.  If you have an earlier firmware please update to use starCTRL. You will also need to update the TimoTwo chip in the RR/R2 to v1.0.6.3 or later.

How to Connect

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS device.

  2. Open the Config Menu on your RR or R2 fixture and navigate with the Rainbow-Buttons__Minus.svg Rainbow-Buttons__Plus.svgbuttons to starCTRL and set to on. LAUNCH!

  3. Once starCTRL mode is active, open the starCTRL app.  It's that simple to configure your light to work out in the stars.

  4. If your lights are not auto-discovered, click the "Connect Lights" button in the lower left of the app and your lights should then be connected. (look that both LED indicators on your RR or R2 fixture are solid blue - that means you're connected)

  5. When you turn off starCTRL mode in the Conifg Menu it leaves Bluetooth ON in Wireless Settings. If you wish to turn off both starCTRL mode AND Bluetooth together, there is a button shortcut. Hold the Left Arrow + Enter button together for 2 seconds. This turns off starCTRL mode and Bluetooth at the same time.


There three main Panels inside of starCTRL:


Control Panel

In the Controls Tab, you can adjust the basic settings of your fixtures and groups.  This is a 16-bit profile with CCT, +/- Green, Hue, Sat and Output Mode controls.

With a single fixture selected, tap the  button at the top of the Control Tab, you can save custom colors to a Favorite, or jump over the the Effect panel and save a custom FX Favorite for quick recall.

Closing the app while RR and R2 fixtures are still in starCTRL mode will give you access to the tube's Manual menu options.


Preset Panel

Presets are popular options that can be recalled onto a fixture or group.  They consist of common colors and Color Temperatures.

These presets are fixed and cannot be changed.  If you wish to save custom colors make use of the Save Favorite feature.

FX Panel


The FX Tab gives you access to the same suite of effects that are available in Manual Mode on the RR and R2 series of fixtures. These include Rainbow, Short Circuit, Paparazzi, Strobe, Fire and Emergency Light.

Some effects support the Grouping parameter so you can, for example, run a Rainbow effect in Full, Half, 2-pixel or 1-pixel mode.

Effects can also be saved as Favorites for quick recall.


If an effect across multiple fixtures is out of sync, toggle the Effect button off/on in the FX Panel and it should bring them into alignment.



In the left column, you can manually select fixtures or setup groups as needed.

To create a group, click the + NEW GROUP button and give your group a Name.

The new group will populate in the left column.  To add fixtures to a group, click/hold/drag the desired fixture onto the group one at a time.



Favorites are custom colors and effects that can be saved for instant recall to other fixtures or groups.  Color Favorites can only be saved when a single fixture is selected. FX Favorites can be saved from the FX Panel even when running on a Group.

Save a Color with the button at the top of the Control Tab (by the FADE button).

Save an Effect with the + button at the top of the FX Panel.

Recall a color/effect by using the +  button at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Delete a Favorite by long-pressing the Favorite.


App Settings

A manual Fade Time can be set to help smooth out transitions of parameters in the Control Tab. The Settings window allows adjustment of the Fade Time from 0.1 to 5 seconds.

Fade Time can be toggled on/off by using the Fade button at the top of the Control window.

The default is Fade Time = ON at 0.1seconds which sets your Quasar Science tubes on fire!

Things To Know about Bluetooth

Bluetooth sends about 6 packets per second to devices. This is really too slow for LED Lighting for smooth fades, especially when compared to DMX control. That is why when dragging your finger across a slider the light can seem to stutter.  That is why we implemented the FADE button. In the Settings window, simply set this to 0.1 seconds and it will smooth out the fade performance while still giving that near-realtime feel when moving a slider in the app.