Rainbow 1: Connecting to Luminair over CRMX

How to connect the Rainbow 1 to Wireless DMX for use with apps like Luminair

Mode: Wireless DMX

Each Rainbow is equipped with a LumenRadio Timo chip for wireless connectivity.

All Rainbows are backwards compatible with W-DMX Transmitters.

For wireless operation, go to Config->Wireless ON

Wireless Pairing:

To link a Rainbow lamp to a transmitter,

Go to Config->Wireless, Set to ON, Config->Status Lights to ON

If the Wireless DMX indicator is flashing, press and hold the Link Wireless Icon button to Unpair.

On the DMX Transmitter, tap the Link button to Pair.

The Wireless DMX indicators will start to Flash and turn solid once paired.

Example Network Setup:

In this example we will use a consumer-based WiFi router and the LumenRadio Nova FX wireless DMX transmitter. But you may use any wireless DMX transmitter that accepts sACN or Art-Net input over ethernet.

Network setup WirelessDMX with Luminair

The above diagram is an example setup. The switch is optional, you can connect directly to the switch ports on the router if needed.

It is recommended that you set your wireless router as the DHCP server for your network when tablet-only operation of your fixtures is desired.

A router set to Access Point mode (with a static IP address) may not show up in the Connections menu of Luminair as a connectable WiFi network. Use DHCP instead.

Configure the LumenRadio transmitter with the free SuperNova software.  Set the IP address, Protocol and listening Universe.

SuperNova Setup1

Connecting to Luminair:

In the Luminair Connections menu: 

choose Network = Wi-Fi

choose your DMX output (Art-Net or sACN) and set the universe you wish to control

Luminair Connections

Once your fixtures are patched in the app, you should now have control from Luminair to your Wireless DMX Rainbow 1 fixtures.