RR R2 0.8 Software Release Explained

Details about the v0.8 Software Release

The biggest news about Firmware 0.8 is the addition of starCTRL mode!  This new mode enables Bluetooth control of the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow fixtures from the starCTRL iOS App.

Find out all about this new mode on the starCTRL page

Other improvements in the 0.8 firmware

  • +/- Green control added to the Rainbow Effect
  • The Paparazzi effect now flashes a 4x larger flash for 4x longer duration, with a wider FX-rate range than it had in previous firmware versions
  • Fixed a status light issue that would occasionally cause random incorrect colors on the status LEDs
  • Fixed an issue with the fixture continuing to broadcast in AP mode when Wireless Settings were set to OFF
  • Resolved an issue when using Node Mode with Art-Net or SACN.  Some R2 fixtures would not reboot into Node Mode after a power cycle

Get the latest firmware along with TimoTwo updates, dmx charts, manual and more on the RR-R2 Download page!