Button Shortcuts

To prevent accidental changes on fixtures, Button Shortcuts require the display to be active before they will function.

  • Min / Max Value Jump: On parameter menus such as Intensity, Color Temp, Saturation, Hue, and Effects parameters.
    • While pressing and holding Right Arrow to increase the value, tapping Left Arrow will jump to the next value or max value.
    • While pressing and holding Left Arrow to decrease the value, tapping Right Arrow will jump to the next value or minimum value.

  • Output Mode: Press Enter and Right Arrow simultaneously to change Output Modes from High to Normal to Low Output Mode. (See Output Mode)

  • Enable/Disable Status Lights: Press and hold Enter for 5 seconds to disable the status lights. Both lights will flash Redd. Press again for 5 seconds to enable, both lights will flash green.

  • Enable/Disable Wireless: Press and hold Left Arrow and Enter for 2 seconds to disable all Wireless Functions. Press again for 2 seconds to enable Wireless DMX.

  • Reset to Default: Press and hold Left Arrow and Right Arrow for 3 seconds to reset the light to Default settings.

  • CRMX Linking: Press and hold Wireless Icon to unpair a light in CRMX mode. On a Lead Light, tap to send pairing signal.

  • Wireless Menu: Double press Wireless Icon to open the Wireless Menu.

  • Reset Bluetooth Connection: Hold Wireless Icon for 3 seconds to reset Bluetooth connection.

  • Return to Status Screen: Double press Power Button to return to the status screen.


See Section: Control Interface