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Fixture Numbers

Display Fixture Numbers as defined by the user of your RR and R2s.

To enable the display of fixture numbers:

  1. Go to  >Config Menu< use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow to  navigate >Fixture # < and press Enter 
  2. First, Enable the light to display the Fixture Number Display. On/Off
  3. Next, Press the  Left Arrow and Right Arrow to advance to the next screen to set the fixture number.
    Quasar Science fixtures currently support up to 9999.99 discrete fixture numbers.
  4. To View the fixture number set, from the Main Screen tap the power button multiple times. The fixture number will display after the Firmware Status Screen.

Holding the  Right Arrow and pressing the Left Arrow will increase the fixture number by 1000

Holding the  Left Arrow  and pressing the  Right Arrow will decrease the fixture number by 1000

If fixture numbers are enabled in the Config Menu, the LCD display will show the fixture number for 10 minutes before turning off.
Press any button on the fixture to reactivate the fixture number display.Fixture Number Display

The fixture number will display as large as possible depending on the number of characters used

This feature is part of the Firmware 0.7v release.  If using an earlier firmware you can update here.