Global Parameters

DMX channels that apply to the entire fixture in pixelized profiles for VRGB and RGB VW

When using pixelated lights like the RR and R2, the standard DMX channel package can get quite large. For example, in Profile 2 each pixel uses 8 DMX addresses.

When this profile is used on a Q100R2 in 48-pixel mode, it occupies 384 DMX addresses per universe.

Global Parameters are used to minimize the DMX footprint so users have more available addresses in a single universe when taking advantage of the maxium pixel count on the RR or R2 lights.

With our VRGB (Video RGB) Profiles 61-66, and RGB VW (RGB Variable White) Profiles 53-56, we utilize Global Parameters to help reduce each fixture's total dmx footprint.

This profile is only 6 channels per pixel plus 5 Global Parameters per fixture. 

When this profile is used on a Q100R2 it occupies 293 DMX Channels.

For more on these profile groups check out the link here. Video Optimized Profiles

The Global Parameters available in various profiles are:

  • Color Temperature
  • +/- Green
  • Spectrum Control
  • Color Space
  • Output Mode