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IP Settings menu navigation Art-Net

Art-Net requires correct network settings in order to function

IP addresses of control devices and Quasar Science fixtures must be in the correct ranges for network communication to work correctly.

Menu structure for Ethernet Settings

Ethernet Settings

  • View IP Addr
  • IP Add Mode
    • Auto(DHCP) / Static
  • Save DHCP as Static
  • Set IP Addr
    • Edit IP
    • IP Presets
    • Presets: 1 - 7
  • Set Subnet
  • Set Gateway
  • Universe 0
  • DMX Channel
  • Node Mode
    • Disabled/Enabled 
    • DMX Out Uni

View IP Address

Displays the current IP address assigned to the fixture

IP Address Mode

Auto- The fixture requests an IP Address from a DHCP server on network. Requires a DHCP server to function correctly

Static-  Opens additional submenus that allow for the following

Set IP Addr Menu to allow the user to Edit the IP or use a preconfigured IP Preset. Default is 

Set Subnet Mask Menu to allow the user to Edit the subnet mask or use a preconfigured subnet mask Preset. Default is

Set Gateway Menu to allow the user to Edit the gateway or use a preconfigured gateway Preset. Default is

Save DHCP as Static- Stores current IP address to onboard memory

Edit IP- Lets you manually input a Static IP address

IP Presets- Lets you quickly auto-fill popular IP subnet ranges

Set Subnet-  This is the Subnet Mask for your local network (i.e.

Set Gateway- IP address of your router if connected to a WAN. You can usually skip this for isolated lighting control networks that are not connected to the internet.

Universe- DMX Universe fixture is patched to

DMX Channel- DMX Start address fixture is patched to

Node Mode-

When enabled the LAN 2 Port of the fixture will output DMX

When disabled the LAN 2 port of RR fixtures will function as a network switch

When disabled the LAN 2 Port of R2 fixtures is disabled

DMX Out Universe- DMX Universe output on LAN2 port when Node Mode is enabled