Lighting Console Profiles

These profiles are provided for console platforms, in most cases these will be preferable over those in your built-in profile library.



Hog4 V3.17 RR FW_0.7B Release Profiles v3 3-30-23

  • Save the Backup showfile to a USB stick and transfer the USB to the console
  • Open Backup File and Create new show

  • Go to Show > Merge File
  • In the Fixture Schedule, the lights will appear as "Quasar Science"

For Patching on Hog4 Consoles, check out our Help Article here.

EOS Platform

EOS Platform - RR and R2 Profiles - Firmware 0.7b V3 12-9-22

  • Save the showfile to a USB stick; mount the USB to the Console.
  • In the EOS CIA browser navigate to File > Merge > USB drive
  • Choose Advanced > Fixtures (Only)
  • This will merge all of the profiles into the user’s showfile in the β€œCustom” Fixtures Folder.
  • All Profiles begin with the letters β€œRR” and then list the Protocol number followed by the Pixel Count. This file contains a (1) Pixel version of each profile and a (48) Pixel Multicell version. 

If you wish to edit the 48-pixel profile for other pixel counts, see here