Manual Mode


Getting Started

1. When looking at the Main Status Screen, press the  Right Arrow to advance to the parameters. Display Manual


2. Press Left Arrow or Right Arrow until the desired function is shown on screen, and press Enter to select. Intensity_100_Carets


3. The selection carets β€œ> <” will move from the β€œ>Function<” to the β€œ>Value<”.



4. Press Left Arrow or Right Arrow to set the value. Press Enter to save. Intensity_87


5. The selection carets β€œ> <” will move from the β€œ>Value<” back to the β€œ>Function<”. Intensity_87_Selection


6. * For function items that have a submenu(s), selection asterisks β€œ* *” will show instead of carets. Press Enter to enter and navigate functions in the submenu. Config Menu Selection


Main Menu

Display Manual_2  Full INT  Saturation_100  Hue_0

+-Green_0  CCT Preset_3200K Color Preset_Blue

Effects_Rainbow Menu Config

> Intensity <

0% to 100% by 1% incrementsRGBX CCT range

> Color Temperature <

Adjust the white point’s Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) in increments from 1750 Kelvin - 10000 Kelvin.

*Color Calibration Data

> +/- Green <

Adjust the white point’s Tint (duv) in 1% increments from Full Minus Green(-100G) to Full Plus Green(100G). The default value is 0 Tint.

> Saturation <HueSat Spectral output

0 to 100% of transition between user-input white point and user-input Hue angleβ€”by 1% increments

> Hue <

0Β° to 360Β° by 1Β° increments

> CT Preset <

Color Temperature Presets – Automatically changes the Color temperature to desired setting and sets the saturation at 0%




3200K (Menu loads here)


5000K (CIE D50)

5600K (CIE D5600)

6500K (CIE D65)


> Color Preset <

Hue Color Presets – Automatically changes the Hue to desired color and sets the saturation at 100%

0Β° Red
30Β° Orange
60Β° Yellow
120Β° Green
180Β° Cyan
240Β° Blue
270Β° Violet
300Β° Magenta

> Effects < (See Section: Effects)

*New Effects will come in future updates

Short Circuit 
Emergency Light

> Config <

DMX Channel
Number of Pixels
DMX Profile
Wired Settings
Wireless Settings
Output Mode
Power On Mode
Status LEDs On/Off 
Fixture Number
RDM On/Off
Lamp Hours 
Update Firmware
Firmware Version 
Reset to Default 
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