2. Double Rainbow & Rainbow 2
  3. ⚙️ Lighting Configuration & Settings

Output Mode

The RR and R2 lights can operate in 3 Output modes

The RR and R2 lights can operate in 3 Output modes:

Display DMX
• Normal
• High
• Low

• HO = High Output
• LO = Low Output
• NO = Normal Output

Normal Output:  Normal Operating Temperature, standard light output.

High Output: High Operating Temperature, maximum output. This is the default.

Low Output: Gives maximum resolution in the low dimming section of the light. Maximum power is about 25% of High Output.

If you are living in the 0%-25% of the light output when in HIGH OUTPUT MODE, switch to low output to get even better performance.

The Output mode of the fixture can be set several different ways-

During initial configuration the fixture can be set in any one of the three modes

Using RDM

Using Fixture Profiles 31-52 allows for Output mode to be changed dynamically using the last DMX channel of the profile

Button Shortcut: Press and hold ENTER + RIGHT to change the Output Mode

See Section: Output Mode Channels