Screen Information Layout

The Main Status screen of the light will display all the primary information for working with the light.

Screen Information

Output Button Indicator - Toggle the button to enable/disable lamp output for manual mode operation. See Section: Output Enable Button

Number of Pixels - Shows the Number of Pixels selected in the Menu See Section: Number of Pixels

Control Mode - Displays the current Control Mode of the light. DMX, Art-Net, sACN, CRMX (Wireless DMX), Bluetooth, Wifi See Section: Control

Profile Number - Displays the DMX Profile and Number of Channels the DMX Profile occupies based on the number of pixels set. See Section: DMX Profiles


Output Mode - Displays HO=High Output, LO = Low Output, NO = Normal Output modes. See Section: Output Mode

Control Address - Displays the DMX address or IP address of the Light - See Section: DMX Address

SubStatus Screens

While viewing the Main Status Screen, a single tap of the Power Button will bring up a Sub-Status Screens with additional information. Additional presses of enter will advance to the next screen. Screen 2 through 4 are labeled Wired, Wifi, and FW.  

1. Color Status Screen - Our Chromaticity Chart and output settings of the light has now been optimized for clarity.  This displays the live Spectral distribution of the output of the light of Pixel 1 of the Light. It also displays the Values of the light being produced based on the profile of the light: XY coordinates, RGB values, HSIC+

Color Status Screen
Color Status Screen

2. Wired Network information (Wired Art-Net or sACN mode) - When the light is set to recieve Art-Net or sACN, it will displays the IP and Subnet mask settings and universe of the current network protocol being received.  When the light is set to receive DMX, it will display the DMX refresh rate and the current DMX status.

3. Wireless Network information (Wifi mode) - Displays the IP and Subnet mask settings and universe. In STA mode this screen will also display the SSID of the network the fixture has joined. In AP mode this screen will show the fixture is broadcasting the SSID. This screen will be hidden when Wifi is turned off.

4. Firmware Status Screen - Displays all of the software installed on the fixture, Bootloader, Wifi Module, Timo2 Module and the internal temperature the fixture.

The hardware status screen will display a T if the Timo module needs a firmware update

The hardware status screen will display an ! if the Wifi module needs a firmware update


5. Fixture # Display - As of firmware release 0.7, if you turn on Fixture Numbers in the Config menu, they will display on this status screen.  For details on how to setup visit HERE