Status Lights

The Status Lights of the RR and R2 light can be various colors to indicate connection Type/Status.


Controls interface RR_R2

Status Light Colors

The Status Lights on the lights are color coded to show what Mode and connection the light is in.
The color of the Data Light shows the Type of Data that the light is receiving.
The color of the Wireless Light shows the light’s Wireless Signal protocol.  The combination of the 2 LEDs will show the status of the light.

Manual Mode Off_Off   Data: Off / Wireless: Off
DMX Mode / Data Received Red_Off


Data: Red / Wireless: Off 
Ethernet Mode (sACN or Art-Net) / Data Received  Date: Yellow / Wireless: Off
Wireless DMX Red_Green


Data:Red / Wireless: Green
(Or Universe Color) See Below
Wifi Mode (Art-net over Wifi) Yellow_Magenta


Data: Yellow / Wireless: Magenta
Wifi Access Point Mode (Art-net over Wifi) Yellow_Orange


Data: Yellow / Wireless: Orange
Bluetooth Mode Blue_Blue


Data: Blue / Wireless: Blue 
Wired Leader (Lead/Follow Mode) Green_Off


Data: Green / Wireless: Off
Wired Follower (Lead/Follow Mode) Cyan_Off


Data: Cyan / Wireless: Off
Wireless Leader (Lead/Follow Mode) Green_Purple


Data: Green / Wireless: Purple
Wireless Follower (Lead/Follow Mode) Cyan_Purple


Data: Cyan / Wireless: Purple


NOTE: If the Status LEDs are disabled, they will only be on when the display is on and turn off when the display screen turns off. 

Universe Color for CRMX

When connected to a CRMX Transmitter with the transmitter able to send a Universe color, the Wireless Status light will be the same color as the Universe Color set on the transmitter.

If the Transmitter has no color set, or it is not able to send a Universe Color, the wireless LED will be Grenn

Status Light Blink Patterns

The Data and Wireless Status Lights can be various colors based on the connection type and status. Check that the light is in the correct wired and wireless modes and that Status lights are enabled in the config. 

Data Status Light



Solid Light Data Received


No Light No Data Received or Wireless/Status Lights are turned off.
Yellow_Blink DATA


Blinking Data Light Error with the data received.

Wireless Status Light



Solid Light Lamp is paired and is receiving transmission.
Green_Flash Wireless


Slow Flashing Light Wireless DMX is paired and connected but the transmitter is not receiving data.
Green_Fast_Flash Wireless


Fast Flashing Light Wireless DMX is pairing, or light is paired but transmitter not found.


No Light Lamp is unpaired and ready to pair, or Wireless/Status Lights are turned off.


The Status LEDS can be disabled from the >Config MENU->Status LEDS>

The Status LEDs will always display while the display screen is active. If the Status LEDs are disabled they will turn off when the display screen turns off.