Updating RR & R2 Firmware

How to Update Your RR and R2 Linear Lights

To Update the RR & R2 lights, they must be updated with a USB-C thumb drive in FAT32 format.

This method is for updating the Light Firmware and the Update Firmware (Bootloader). 

Please update your Wi-Fi Module first, before updating your light firmware. 
For the Wi-Fi Module Update, it must be completed over Wi-Fi. Click here for instructions.

  1. Download the latest firmware update files from https://www.quasarscience.com/pages/support-double-rainbow-and-rainbow-2
  2. Copy all the files in the update to the root directory of your USB-C drive. If it is a zip file, unzip to the root of your USB-C Drive. They may look like this: QS_PC_FW_0.4e.bin or QS_PC_BL_0.9.bin.
  3. If on, power off the light.
  4. Press and hold the ENTER button on the light and then press/hold the POWER button for 3 seconds. The Data LED will flash blue and the display will show Insert USB when the fixture is in Update Mode.  
  5. Insert the USB-C Thumb Drive with the firmware on it.
  6. The light will then install all updates found on the drive.
    1. It will first check to see if you have a new Bootloader file.
    2. If it is newer than what is on the light, it will install the new version.
    3. Then the light will reboot and install the new Light Firmware.
    4. It will check for the highest version number of all relevant files. 
  7. When the update is complete, the status lights will flash green and the light will reboot. Please note at that you should see the newest firmware version indicated on the LED screen on boot up.
  8. Alternatively, you can go to CONFIG > FIRMWARE to check to make sure the light updated.
  9. To exit the Update Screen, tap the power button.

With Bootloader Version 0.9, you can now put all of your lights into update mode and then hop the USB-C drive from light to light. The Update screen will not time out. Tap the power button to exit update mode.


If the Firmware update process is interrupted and the fixture becomes unresponsive, it can be placed into update mode using the hardware shortcut of holding the [Enter] button while powering up the fixture.

If you have copied your files to the USB-C Drive and inserted the thumb drive and the screen locks up at Mounted the USB, the drive may not be compatible with the RR and R2. SMI USB driver controllers are not compatible. Please try a different brand or type of USB-C drive.



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