Wired Control: DMX

Wired DMX

Display DMXRR and R2 lights have RJ45 ports for control with DMX512 or with Ethernet.  Conventional DMX 5 pin to RJ45 converters can be used. 



To set Lamps to Wired DMX Control:

Go to Config->Wired Settings, set the Wired Mode to β€œDMX512”

Go to Config->Wireless Settings, set the Wireless Mode to β€œOff”

Go to Config->Status Lights and set to β€œON”


When the lamp has a Wired Data connection, Wireless connection and Manual data will be ignored, as the priority goes to Wired.


When lights are controlled with Wired DMX, the screen displays the DMX start address, the number of Pixels, Profile, total number of channels and Output Mode. If the lights lose wired data they will hold last look until either data is restored or a manual change is implemented. If the light is in multipixel mode the and it loses wired data subsequent manual changes will take the state of pixel one and apply it to the entire light.


Each light has a DMX IN port and DMX OUT port, which allows for daisy chaining.


The lights have an internal switching mechanism between DMX In and Ethernet In.  The lights must be set to DMX512 for DMX control.


The pinout of the RJ45 is:

  • RJ45 Pin 1: DMX + = DMX 5Pin: Pin 3
  • RJ45 Pin 2: DMX –  = DMX 5Pin: Pin 2
  • RJ45 Pin 7/8: Ground = DMX 5Pin: Pin 1 

When the light is set to DMX mode, there is always DMX out on the Outport.