Troubleshooting starCTRL

When something just doesn't work as expected

starCTRL requires the following in order to work:

  1. iOS device (iPhone/iPad)
  2. iOS 15 or later
  3. the starCTRL app
  4. some incredible Quasar Science Rainbow 2's or Double Rainbow fixtures
  5. RR & R2 Light Firmware Updated to Version 0.8A or Later - Info Here
  6. RR & R2 TimoTwo Firmware Version updated to or Later - Info Here
  7. an atmosphere and gravity

Check the SETTINGS window in the starCTRL App to see the version #, fixture firmware and support links

Common Connection issues

  1. Are you running firmware 0.8 (or later) on your R2 and RR fixtures? This is required.
  2. Is starCTRL ON in your RR or R2 menu?  When connected to the app both status LED's on the fixture will be solid BLUE.
  3. Are you sending wired DMX, sACN or Art-Net to the fixtures you're trying to control via Bluetooth? RR and R2 fixtures will not respond to starCTRL if connected to an active wired input (dmx, sacn, artnet) at the same time.
  4. If a fixture disconnects in the App:
  • Tap the info icon icon on the disconnected fixture to attempt reconnection
  • Tap the Connect Lights button to attempt reconnection
  • Swipe left on the fixture, tap the FORGET button, then tap Connect Lights to attempt reconnection

As a last resort do a full close and re-open of the app.  On iOS it's usually a swipe-away-close to fully close an app. (i.e. double tap the home button, or slide-up-from-center on face-id devices, etc)

Note on Bluetooth

Bluetooth is slow compared to DMX. When you first install startCTRL we set the default Fade Time to 0.1 seconds which help smooth out response lag you will experience with multiple fixtures connected if the FADE button = OFF.

The maximum connection count for BLE is 7, so this is the maximum number of fixtures we've tested starCTRL to work with. If you connect more than 7 fixtures it "may" work, but you will most likely have persistent connection issues with random fixtures disconnecting from the app.

Switching between starCTRL mode, standard Bluetooth mode and DMX wired input control

When you activate starCTRL mode on the RR or R2 fixture, it automatically turns Bluetooth mode ON in Wireless Settings and sets the tube to Profile 40.  It does this in the background. When you turn OFF starCTRL mode these two items are still active (Bluetooth and P40).

If you wish to control the lights with standard Bluetooth (i.e. another app, or even the starCTRL app) you must manually set the DMX address to 001 on all fixtures you want to control.

If you wish to switch to wired DMX input, simply turn OFF starCTRL and plug in your DMX cable!  In this scenario you can leave all your fixtures set to their own DMX address for individual DMX control from the console.  

The dmx address stays set even with starCTRL mode turned ON so you can move back & forth from app control to DMX control. But you will have to turn starCTRL mode on/off when you switch  between the app and dmx control.

Status Screens:

You can check the Status Screens on the RR and R2 while starCTRL mode is active

  1. Wake the screen with a tap of any button on the RR/R2
  2. Tap the Power button once to see the Color Status screen. This updates in real time from Control Tab sliders or when running an effect.

Finally, if the app crashes or is having other connection issues, delete and reinstall the latest version of starCTRL from the App Store.