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[en] Boot Loader Upgrade for Firmware 0.9

[en] Updating the Boot Loader is mandatory

[en] That's right, you can't skip it. Why? Because the new Boot Loader is a little bit smaller than the old one which allows us to fit more 0.9 firmware awesomeness in the fixture. To help avoid any confusion the new Quasar Science Firmware is v0.9A, the new RR-R2 Boot Loader is BL v1.0 and they need to be updated together.

[en] That said, we know it's going to happen. We know we're going to get phone calls, "Hey I just tried to install 0.9 and it doesn't install."

[en] While we hope sufficient warnings were given please note the following notice:


[en] Firmware 0.9 will not install on fixtures with the old Boot Loader (which is BL v0.9 or earlier). You must update the Boot Loader to BL v1.0 for the 0.9 firmware to install.

[en] If you are trying to update with just the 0.9 firmware file and it's not working, simply download the new firmware .zip file from >HERE< and put both the Boot Loader and Firmware on the USB-C drive in the root directory and everything should update automatically.

[en] Troubleshooting a failed Update

[en] Not all USB-C drives play nice with lighting fixtures. If you have the files in the root directory of a FAT or FAT32 formatted drive and you get stuck on "Mounted the USB", try the following steps:

  • [en] Be sure there is only one partition on the usb drive

  • [en] Reformat the drive as MS-DOS FAT or FAT32, and the drive must be larger than 2GB in size.

  • [en] Have only the Boot Loader, Firmware and TimoTwo files in the Root directory of the drive.

  • [en] Try a different usb drive. Using a usb-A to usb-C adapter on an older usb-A thumb drive should work fine and allow you to use older thumb drives.

  • [en] If you have been using the same USB drive for a long time, and it's your favorite USB drive which has never failed you but you still get stuck on "Mounted the USB", the reality is that after a time NAND Flash Memory eventually degrades.

  • [en] The EXFAT file format will not work on RR-R2 fixtures.

[en] If you've already updated the Boot Loader separately then just follow the rest of the directions found in Aktualisieren der RR- und R2-Firmware


[en] Once the Boot Loader is updated to BL v1.0, you may install any version of RR-R2 firmware if the need arises.

[en] But we're confident once you use Firmware 0.9 for a few minutes you won't be going back.