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[en] CRMX Universe Color

[en] Firmware 0.9 adds the ability for RR-R2 fixtures to both assign or adopt Universe Color as per Lumenradio's implementation

[en] As a Transmitter (TX):

[en] When using one of the new Advanced Routing modes that turn any RR-R2 into a Wireless CRMX transmitter, a new menu option becomes available to set the Universe Color that will visible on the Wireless Status LED. The default color is Green but may be changed via the [Timo Uni Color] Menu.

CRMX Universe Color

[en] The available Universe Color presets follow the options found in the CRMX Toolbox app: Red, Fire, Yellow, Green, Emerald, Ocean, Blue, Deep Purple and Cool White.

CRMX Toolbox App Universe Color Options

[en] As a CRMX Receiver (RX):

[en] When Basic Routing is selected and the Wireless Mode of the RR-R2 is set to [Wireless DMX], the Wireless Status LED will adopt the Universe Color of the paired Transmitter if Universe Color is supported in the TX.

[en] All Lumenradio error flash patterns will maintain the adopted Universe Color.