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[en] WiFi AP to DMX Routing

[en] Receive WiFi input and pass that signal to the DMX output

[en] New in firmware 0.9: While acting as a Wi-Fi Access Point this advanced routing can receive Artnet-over-WiFi from a phone or tablet device and pass that signal as DMX to the fixture's output versus Basic Routing where the DMX out is not active. Thus WiFi→DMX extends the capabilities of WiFi to support a daisy chain of other DMX devices from the client RR-R2.

[en] Please note that WiFi Routings are 1-universe routings, making use of just the [Input Universe] under [Ethernet Settings] which gets passed to the DMX output.

[en] Art-Net can be Broadcast or Unicast over WiFi as desired. sACN is not yet available over WiFi.


[en] Firmware 0.9a currently supports a total of (4) Client connections at one time when a fixture is in AP mode (i.e. an iPad + 3 client fixtures).

[en] The process to connect Advanced Routing is more or less the same as Basic Routing, with the only UI change being the Status LEDs take on an Input/Output scheme of Data LED = Yellow (WiFi In) / Wireless LED = Red (DMX Out), let's take a look.


[en] First, navigate to [Config Menu] → [Advanced Routing] → [WiFi>DMX] and press ENTER. Client Mode is the default mode, so we need to change it to AP Mode. From [WiFi Settings] RIGHT arrow over to [WiFi Mode] and press ENTER.


[en] Once you've selected AP mode tap the LEFT arrow and the WiFi Status will change to AP and display the fixture's SSID that is being broadcast.


[en] All Quasar Science fixtures use a SSID naming scheme of [QS: combination of 8 numbers and Capital Letters]. Each fixture will have a unique SSID for its AP Network. Once you're connected with your device the Main Display will show a modified version of the DMX Screen, but with WiFi AP mode and the broadcasting SSID.

[en] Popular Apps

[en] You may wish to take a look at some other articles the relate to popluar apps such as Blackout or Luminair.

Verbinden von Blackout Art-Net über ein WLAN-Netzwerk

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[en] Lost Connection

[en] If the connection to the RR or R2's network is lost, the all RR-R2 fixtures will hold last look and drop into Manual Mode until the connection is re-established.



[en] The wired DMX output is shut off when the incoming WiFi connection from the control source is disconnected.