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[en] DMX to CRMX Routing

[en] Firmware 0.9 unlocks the ability for all RR & R2 fixtures to act as a Wireless DMX transmitter

[en] The RR-R2 can take wired DMX in and transmit Wireless DMX out while maintaining the ability to daisy chain the wired DMX connection to additional fixtures.

[en] Navigate to [Config Menu] → [Advanced Routing], Press ENTER and Right Arrow over to DMX>CRMX.

DMX>CRMX Advanced Routing

[en] This mode allows wired DMX input to be transmitted as Wireless DMX.

[en] Once selected, if there is no DMX data on the input the Data LED will. be OFF and the Wireless LED will slow pulse Green or the assigned Universe color. (Green is the default color as a TX.)

DMX>CRMX no data

[en] Once a DMX signal is acquired the Status LEDs will become solid RED / GREEN..

DMX>CRMX main screen

[en] The Wireless LED is solid because it is actively transmitting Wireless DMX even if there are no linked fixtures.

[en] To Link a CRMX compatible fixture as a Receiver, simply tap the LINK button [ Rainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg] and the Wireless LED should flash quickly (along with the RX fixture) which indicates the LINK is in progress.

[en] To UNLINK all linked devices from your DMX>CRMX fixture, Press & Hold the LINK button for 3 seconds and all links will be cleared.


[en] To assign a Universe Color to the Wireless LED, please see [en] CRMX Universe Color


[en] RDM is currently disabled in DMX>CRMX routing to avoid random flashes on the RX fixtures. With Basic Routing and wired DMX input, RDM is enabled automatically.