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[en] Ethernet to CRMX Routing

[en] Receive wired sACN or ArtNet and transmit to Wireless DMX output

[en] Firmware 0.9 unlocks the ability of the RR-R2 to act as a CRMX Transmitter.

[en] This Advanced Routing takes either sACN or Art-Net input and lets you transmit any available universe over Wireless DMX. Navigate to [Config Menu] → [Advanced Routing] → [sACN>CRMX] or [ArtNet>CRMX] and press ENTER.


[en] To set the Input and Output Universe:

[en] Navigate to [Config Menu] → [Ethernet Settings] and press ENTER.

[en] Use the RIGHT Arrow to scroll over to Input and Output Universe.


[en] There are some useful Button Shortcuts to help you scroll quickly to a high Universe #. See Raccourcis des boutons

[en] The Main Display uses the same layout as Ethernet→DMX with the Wireless LED taking on the TX Universe color. While most things are similar between sACN and ArtNet on the Input side, there are some differences that are explained below.


[en] When the fixture is in this mode the Data LED = Amber / Wireless LED = Green (default). You may assign a custom Universe Color from the menu system while in this mode. See [en] CRMX Universe Color for more information.

[en] Things that are similar between ArtNet and sACN in this Routing:
  • [en] Status LED colors and behaviors (Amber/Green)

  • [en] Assignable Input and Output Universe

  • [en] Empty Universe Indicator Flashing

  • [en] Main Screen Layout

  • [en] To Link with receivers tap the LINK button Rainbow-Buttons__Pair1.svg

  • [en] To clear all links Press & Hold the LINK button for 3 seconds

[en] Things that are different between ArtNet and sACN in this Routing:
  • [en] The assignable input/output Universe range for sACN is 1 - 63999

  • [en] The assignable input/output Universe range for ArtNet is 1 - 32767

  • [en] LTP Merging is active when using sACN

  • [en] ArtNet RDM is only supported on the input of the TX fixture. RDM does not pass to CRMX in this mode.

  • [en] If sending more than 15 universes to the fixture via Broadcast ArtNet, you must switch to Unicast otherwise the Broadcast storm will cause intermittent behavior.

[en] If the Output universe contains no patched dmx addresses the Wireless LED follows Lumenradio's CRMX flash codes, in this case it will Slow Pulse the assigned Universe Color along with the DMX UNI on the LCD screen.


[en] When being used as a CRMX transmitter, the Wireless Status LED follows the indicator conventions as per LumenRadio devices. (i.e. Soild ON, Fast Flash or Slow Pulse.)