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Quasar Science - Help Center

Congratulations! Your CLT just dropped some Quasar Science Fixtures in your lap.

Here's what you need to know to make them do all the things.

You're gonna need some profiles to make these work...

  1. Update your lights! Of course the lamp dock has put the latest and greatest firmware on all of the fixtures...LOL Don't worry, updating the firmware is really quick. Check it out here

  2. From MORE PHOTONS to Too bright!!!Too bright!!! Output mode has you covered. Learn About Output Mode here

  3. Download Quick Start Guides here

  4. Understanding Pixel Patching

    Parameter Groups are repeated per Pixel. Some Profiles have channels that apply to the entire light fixture. - here

  5. Patching on a Hog4 Console? - Get started hereHere

  6. Double Rainbow Pixel Order - Pay special attention to the current pixel order of the RR series.  The first pixel is bottom left and is set in columns. We are updating this to be just 2 rows instead.


    (Power feeder left, LCD Screen right)

  7. Download the DMX Charts: Here

  8. Find your Profile Type Here - HSIC, RGB+CCT, XY, Effects

  9. Get the latest Lighting Console Profiles here