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WiFi AP to DMX Routing

Receive WiFi input and pass that signal to the DMX output

New in firmware 0.9: While acting as a Wi-Fi Access Point this advanced routing can receive Artnet-over-WiFi from a phone or tablet device and pass that signal as DMX to the fixture's output versus Basic Routing where the DMX out is not active. Thus WiFi→DMX extends the capabilities of WiFi to support a daisy chain of other DMX devices from the client RR-R2.

Please note that WiFi Routings are 1-universe routings, making use of just the [Input Universe] under [Ethernet Settings] which gets passed to the DMX output.

Art-Net can be Broadcast or Unicast over WiFi as desired. sACN is not yet available over WiFi.


Firmware 0.9a currently supports a total of (4) Client connections at one time when a fixture is in AP mode (i.e. an iPad + 3 client fixtures).

The process to connect Advanced Routing is more or less the same as Basic Routing, with the only UI change being the Status LEDs take on an Input/Output scheme of Data LED = Yellow (WiFi In) / Wireless LED = Red (DMX Out), let's take a look.


First, navigate to [Config Menu] → [Advanced Routing] → [WiFi>DMX] and press ENTER. Client Mode is the default mode, so we need to change it to AP Mode. From [WiFi Settings] RIGHT arrow over to [WiFi Mode] and press ENTER.


Once you've selected AP mode tap the LEFT arrow and the WiFi Status will change to AP and display the fixture's SSID that is being broadcast.


All Quasar Science fixtures use a SSID naming scheme of [QS: combination of 8 numbers and Capital Letters]. Each fixture will have a unique SSID for its AP Network. Once you're connected with your device the Main Display will show a modified version of the DMX Screen, but with WiFi AP mode and the broadcasting SSID.

Popular Apps

You may wish to take a look at some other articles the relate to popluar apps such as Blackout or Luminair.

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Lost Connection

If the connection to the RR or R2's network is lost, the all RR-R2 fixtures will hold last look and drop into Manual Mode until the connection is re-established.



The wired DMX output is shut off when the incoming WiFi connection from the control source is disconnected.