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Quasar Science - Help Center

Wireless Control: CRMX / W-DMX


Each RR and R2 is equipped with a Lumenradio TimoTwo chip for wireless connectivity over CRMX or W-DMX.

For wireless operation, go to ConfigWireless ON or Double Press the Link Rainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg button from the Main Menu.

Wireless Pairing

To link an RR or R2 light to a transmitter

  1. Go to ConfigWireless Settings,

    set the Wireless Mode to “Wireless DMX”

  2. Go to ConfigStatus Lights and set to “ON

If the Link LED is flashing, press and hold the Link Rainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg button to unpair.

On the DMX Transmitter, tap the Link button to Pair.

The Wireless LED will start to flash and turn solid once paired.