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CRMX Universe Color

Firmware 0.9 adds the ability for RR-R2 fixtures to both assign or adopt Universe Color as per Lumenradio's implementation

As a Transmitter (TX):

When using one of the new Advanced Routing modes that turn any RR-R2 into a Wireless CRMX transmitter, a new menu option becomes available to set the Universe Color that will visible on the Wireless Status LED. The default color is Green but may be changed via the [Timo Uni Color] Menu.

CRMX Universe Color

The available Universe Color presets follow the options found in the CRMX Toolbox app: Red, Fire, Yellow, Green, Emerald, Ocean, Blue, Deep Purple and Cool White.

CRMX Toolbox App Universe Color Options

As a CRMX Receiver (RX):

When Basic Routing is selected and the Wireless Mode of the RR-R2 is set to [Wireless DMX], the Wireless Status LED will adopt the Universe Color of the paired Transmitter if Universe Color is supported in the TX.

All Lumenradio error flash patterns will maintain the adopted Universe Color.