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Wi-Fi Firmware Update Troubleshooting

A deeper dive into the Wi-Fi Update with additional instructions

If you have been unsuccessful in updating the Wi-Fi Module firmware using the steps outlined here.  Please try these additional steps to get your RR and R2 Light updated.

Before contacting support, please have these answers ready.

Question 1: What firmware and bootloader is currently installed on the fixture?

Current firmware versions can be found here.

  1. Select Config Menu.

  2. Press left arrow 3 times until Firmware screen is displayed

  3. The enter button cycles through the firmware that is installed on the fixture

Question 2:  Are able to put the fixture into update mode?

In update mode the status LEDs will flash blue and the display screen will show Insert USB.

  1. Press the left arrow once from the firmware screen to get instructions on how to enter update mode

  2. Alternatively the user can press the power button once to turn off the fixture and then hold the enter button while powering the fixture back up.

  3. When the fixture is in update mode the Wi-Fi module is acting as an access point and broadcasting the name of the Wi-Fi network the fixture is creating

Question 3: While in Update mode, does the user see the Wi-Fi SSID the fixture is broadcasting and can the user join this network?
  1. Using another device the user should see the Wi-Fi network being broadcast. The network will start with QS:XXXXXXXX and have a series of 8 letters and numbers in it.

  2. If the user sees the Wi-Fi network they should join it with their device. The password is 1234567890

Question 4: Can the user log on to the fixture over Wi-Fi?

The default IP address of a fixture needing an initial Wi-Fi update is

  1. On the other device that has logged onto the Wi-Fi network broadcast by the quasar fixture open an internet browser. (Quasar Science recommends using Firefox or Brave)

  2. In the navigation bar of the browser type in the IP address of the fixture.

  3. A login page for the Quasar Science fixture will appear if successful. The user name and password are admin/admin

Question 5: What is the IP address of the Quasar Science fixture broadcasting the Wi-Fi network?
  1. On the other device connected to the Wi-Fi network open Command Prompt in windows or Terminal in Mac.

  2. on the command line type: arp -a This will list the ip addresses of all devices on all network interfaces of the PC. The user can then send a ping command to the fixture by typing ping followed by the ip address of the fixture.

  3. Once the user has the correct ip address of the quasar fixture they should attempt to log into it over wifi again by launching a browser and typing the ip address into the navigatipn bar.


If the IP address of the fixture is the user name and password is: admin/admin

If the IP address of the fixture is the user name and password is: