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Wireless Control: Bluetooth

How to connect over Bluetooth in Basic Routing

Navigate to [Config Menu] → [Basic Routing] → [Wireless Mode] and set the Mode to Bluetooth. You may also use the Button Shortcut to jump directly to the [Wireless Mode] Menu (Double-Tap the LINK button).


The RR and R2 lights can be controlled over Bluetooth using the Blackout Lighting Console or Luminair app for iOS. Fixture labels will appear in the Bluetooth connections menu of the various apps used to control the fixtures (custom labels require CRMX firmware v1.0.5 or later).

When Wireless Mode is set to Bluetooth, “BT” will appear in the bottom left corner.


When connected in Basic Routing over Bluetooth the Wireless Status LED and Data Status LED will be solid Blue. Next you may wish to review the guides for a couple of popular apps.


The Bluetooth connection can be reset by pressing and holding the Rainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg for 3 seconds


The Bluetooth module is part of the TimoTwo chip and can be updated over USB-C or with the CRMX Toolbox App.

For Advanced Routing where the DMX output is active, please see: Bluetooth to DMX Routing