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How to Update Rainbow 1

Need help with updating your Rainbow Linear LED Light? Look no further! In this article, we go through step-by-step instructions on how to get your light updated to the latest and greatest we have going on in firmware.

  1. Please download the latest Update Utility at

  2. Plug in your Rainbow Update Cable.

  3. Run the Utility. Make sure you are Linear Lamp Update Utility Mode. If you are in Q-Lion Mode, click here to endure you are in Linear Update Utility.

  4. Press the "Check Version" button

  5. Press "Download"

  6. Press "Update"

  7. On your Rainbow lamp, press and hold the enter button while turning on the AC switch or applying DC power.

  8. The system will automatically detect and update the lamp.

  9. After your Rainbow lamp is successfully updated, it will light up.


Issues with Updating

Light fails when trying to update

Your computer may need up-to-date drivers for the update cable. Download here:

Rainbow update to Version 0.96 and beyond are only available for Hardware Version 2 of the Rainbows that say the word "Rainbow" above the display. If your light does not say the word "Rainbow," Version 0.95 is the final update.

I updated my Light to 0.96 and it shows 0.95 on the lamp

An early version of the hardware is only able to update to version 0.95 due to hardware limiations.