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How to Update TimoTwo firmware via the CRMX Toolbox App

Instructions for updating Lumenradio's TimoTwo chip.
  1. Check the version of your TimoTwo Firmware.

    On the Light, go to → Config -> Firmware. Tap the Enter button twice . It will display "Timo FW. 1.X.X.X."

  2. Check to see what the latest firmware Version is available from Lumenradio

  3. On your Apple or Android Device, download "CRMX toolbox" from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  4. Open the App on your device.

  5. On your Rainbow 2 or Double Rainbow, enable Bluetooth.

    Go to Config → Wireless Mode → Bluetooth

  6. In the app choose Connect Device.

  7. Select one of the devices listed on the screen and tap Connect Device from the pop-up.

  8. Once connected it will display the Name of the device as well as its current firmware. If there is an available firmware update for the chip that Update Firmware button will be selectable. (Note: Your tablet/phone will need an internet connection to retrieve the new firmware while connected to tube via Bluetooth)

  9. Tap the Update Firmware button and allow the update process to finish completely.

  10. Choose Connect Device to return to the Connect Device List.

  11. Repeat the process as needed.