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  • CCT control

    1. Turn the analog CCT dial to the desired color temperature:

      CCT Dial
    1. Color temperatures are shown divided by 100 (2000K/100 = 20, 3000K/100 = 30, etc) for legibility and precision marking on the dial

  1. Dimming

    1. The Q-LED crossfade lamps are capable of dimming down while maintaining color temperature.

    2. The Q-LED crossfade lamps are dimmed by an external TRIAC AC source.

    3. To Dim Q-LED crossfade lamps, plug the installed P1G into:

      1. AC power wired up to a wall-dimmer switch

      2. AC power wired up to a TRIAC dimmer source

  • AC power connected to a stand-a-lone TRIAC dimmer plugged into AC-power

  • Dimming Equipment recommendations

    1. NOTICE The crossfade lamps must be dimmed with TRIAC AC dimming circuits. VARIAC type dimmers will not work.

    2. Reverse-phase (trailing edge) TRIAC AC dimming circuits will enable lower dim levels with less potential strobing issues.

    3. CFL/LED TRIAC AC dimming circuits must have a circuit that enables stable low voltage operation.

    4. The following dimmers work well with crossfade products:

      1. Lutron CF line of household dimmers

      2. ETC Sensor

  • RatPac dimmer products