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Q-Lion V3 Update Info

If you purchased your light before 2020, and you do not have the 4300k Intensity, this update is available for you.

The new Q-Lion Software V3 now has a 4300k color temperature and the ability to operate while charging.

Lamps that are able to update with the Q-Lion Update Cable are V3 lamps that have the KILL and RST buttons on the side.


If your lamp does not have these buttons on the side, they are V2, your lamp cannot be Upgraded with the Cable. Your lamps must be sent into Quasar Science. Please see additional instructions below.

V1 Lamps that are a different shape are not able to be updated.

There are several ways to get the new update. The Update requires a special cable in order complete the update.

  1. Contact your local Quasar Science Dealer and bring your lamps to the dealer. The following dealers are ready for your business!

    1. Barn Door Lighting

    2. Kaye Lites

    3. High Output, Inc

    4. Lightbulb Grip & Electric Co.

    5. Midwest Photo

    6. Barbizon Australia

    7. Evolution Cinema

    8. RST / Visions in Color

    9. Hammer Lighting & Grip

    10. JCX Expendables

    11. PDXpendables LLC

    12. Voice and Video Sales

  2. If you are in the Los Angeles area, bring your lamps into Quasar Science. We will update them on the spot in the shop, and you can be on your way.

  3. Contact Quasar Science Rental department. We are sending out the Q-Lion Update cable as long as you pay for the shipping.

    A $50 replacement fee will be charged for unreturned /lost cables.

  4. Ship your lamps to Quasar Science. We will update your lamps and ship them back. Return shipping will be charged to you or you can provide a return shipping label. Please affix the label below.



Fill out the RMA form here. We will email you back an RMA number. Please do not send your lamps until you receive an RMA.



Battery lamp updates may take up to 2 weeks. They are done on a first come, first serve basis.