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RR R2 0.6 Software Release

Details about the 0.6 Software Release
VO.6 - 2022-01-07
New Features
  1. sACN - Multicast, UnicastStreaming ACN implementation allowing for multicast and unicast control of Quasar Science fixtures. 

  2. Art-Net over Wifi - Client Mode - Fixture can connect to a existing Wifi network.

    Go to Wireless Mode→Wifi. Then go to Wireless Settings, select your network and enter your password.

    When connected to an existing network, the Wireless Substatus screen will show the IP address and subnet mask of the fixture, the SSID and signal strength ( X out of 5) for the network as well as the Art-Net universe the fixture is set to.

    (Wifi Module Update Required)

  3. Art-Net over Wifi -  AP Mode - Fixture can create its own Wifi network for other lights to join.

    In AP mode the fixture will display the SSID being broadcast on the main display screen. The Wireless Substatus screen will show the IP address and subnet mask of the fixture as well as the Art-Net universe the fixture is set to.

    (Wifi Module Update Required)

  4. Node Mode - Wired Ethernet in on LAN 1 and DMX out on LAN 2

    Fixture will receive network traffic input and retransmit the appropriate DMX universe as output.

  5. RDM implementation for identify, address, profile, pixel count, output mode, status LEDs - Fixture settings can be changed using RDM over wired DMX.

  6. Fixture Substatus Screens have been added - Fixture substatus screens display additional information depending on the fixture mode. Substatus screens are available for Wired DMX, Wired Ethernet, Wifi, and installed firmware modules.

  7. Output Mode Button Shortcut Added - Hold Enter and Right for 2 seconds

  8. Reset Bluetooth Button Shortcut Added - Hold the link button for 3 seconds when in Bluetooth mode to reset Bluetooth connection.

  1. Firmware Update Process enhanced with status light feedback - During a firmware update the status LEDs have been updated for visual feedback: Fast Blue Flash is Waiting for USB, Slow Blue blink is Update in progress, fast green flash is Update finished, Red flash is problem with update process.

  2. Output from fixture is disabled during firmware update.

  3. Fixture can exit firmware update using power button.

  4. Fixture no longer times out of firmware update.

  5. When changing Effects on DMX, the effects timer is reset to 0 - Internal Effects are now triggered to start at the same point, this allows the user to reset the effects to go again.

  6. Press and hold on Profiles scrolls through profiles - Holding left or right arrow allows the profile list to scroll.

  7. Added the Hue Degrees to the Color Preset - The hue degree ahas been added to the Color preset display screen.

  8. Min and Max shortcuts enabled on Number of Pixels selection - Holding the left arrow and pressing the right arrow decreases Number of Pixels to minimum, holding the right arrow and pressing the left arrow increases the Number of Pixels to maximum.

  9. When using CRMX Toolbox, identify command enabled - Fixture will flash blue when the identify command is used in CRMX Toolbox

  10. When in Bluetooth mode, pressing and holding the Link button resets the Bluetooth Connection.

  11. Added Wireless DMX and Wifi firmware versions to the Version Screen

  12. Wireless DMX Settings Menu streamlined.

  13. Ethernet Settings Menu streamlined.

  14. Firmware display now shows fixture type as well as all bootloader and all firmware versions installed.

  15. Chromaticity display to reflect fixture output based on profile chosen

  16. Wireless button shortcut includes disabling all wireless communications methods

Bug Fixes
  1. Fix Reset to Default values to match button shortcuts

  2. Output Mode control on DMX is not changing UI screen

  3. Temperature Sensors resets on Wireless DMX resolved

  4. When Saving DHCP as Static is pressed, It should switch to Static IP mode.

  5. Display IP address now show static IP address when enabled

  6. Hue Button Shortcut fixed

  7. CCT Button Shortcut fixed

  8. Fixed Bluetooth Status Lights remaining on when disconnected

  9. Status LEDs reflect correct LEAD/FOLLOW state of fixture

  10. LEAD fixture no longer needs power cycle to send data

  11. FOLLOW fixture no longer need ower cycle to receive data

  12. LEAD over wireless Tx speed reduced to improve data processing on Rx fixtures

  13. LEAD over wireless Tx speed reduced to improve data processing on Rx fixtures

  14. Main dispay now shows output mode chosen when using wired ethernet protocols

  15. Main display timeout issue resolved when broadcasting large universe counts

  16. Fixture reboot when changing wired input settings has been resolved