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Quasar Science - Help Center

Button Shortcuts

  • Min / Max Value Jump: On parameter menus such as Intensity, Color Temp, Saturation, Hue, and Effects parameters.

    • While pressing and holding Rainbow-Buttons__Plus.svg to increase the value, tapping Rainbow-Buttons__Minus.svg will jump to the next Value Range or Max Value.

    • While pressing and holding Rainbow-Buttons__Minus.svg to decrease the value, tapping Rainbow-Buttons__Plus.svg will jump to the next value or minimum value.

  • Output Mode: Press and hold  Rainbow-Buttons__Check.svg and Rainbow-Buttons__Plus.svg together for 2 seconds to change Output Modes from High to Normal to Low Output Mode. (Output Mode cannot be changed manually if the parameter is following data input i.e. DMX, sACN, ArtNet, etc).

  • Enable/Disable Status Lights: Press and hold Rainbow-Buttons__Check.svg for 1 second to disable the status lights. Both lights will flash Red. Press again for 1 seconds to enable, both lights will flash green.

  • Enable/Disable Wireless: Press and hold Rainbow-Buttons__Minus.svg and Rainbow-Buttons__Check.svg  for 2 seconds to disable all Wireless Functions (CRMX, WiFi and Bluetooth). If Wireless Settings are already disabled, press and hold button combo for 2 seconds will set the Wireless Settings = Wireless DMX.

  • Reset to Default: Press and hold Rainbow-Buttons__Minus.svg and Rainbow-Buttons__Plus.svg for 2 seconds to reset the light to Factory Default settings. (Does not clear CRMX link)

  • CRMX Linking: Tap the Rainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg on your transmitter to pair the fixture's CRMX link.

  • CRMX UnLinking: Press and hold Rainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg for 3 seconds to unpair a light that is linked to a Transmitter. If you turn off Wireless DMX in the menu without Unlinking, the CRMX LINK will be remember the next time you enable Wireless DMX for input.

  • Wireless Menu: Double tapRainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg to jump to the Wireless Mode Menu.

  • Reset Bluetooth Connection: When in a Bluetooth mode Hold Rainbow-Buttons__Pair.svg for 3 seconds to reset Bluetooth connection.

  • Return to Status Screen: Double tap the Power Button Rainbow-Buttons__Power.svg to return to the main Status Screen display.