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Tips and Tricks

Working with RR and R2 Secrets

Here we will add any cool tips, shortcuts or tricks to get the best performance out of RR and R2.

  1. OUTPUT MODE: It is best to understand Output mode here.

  2. BUTTON SHORTCUT: Double Tap the Power Button on any screen to go back to the Main Status Screen. More Button Shortcuts here.

  3. BUTTON SHORTCUT: When on the Main Status screen, tap the power button to see the other Status screens, such as Color Status, Network Status. More Button Shortcuts here.

  4. When Daisy-chaining Double Rainbows (RR's) over sACN or Art-Net and if chaining more than 6-8 units in a row, keep in mind that each daisy chain through a network switch (such as what's in the RR) can add latency to lights further down the line. Adopt a star topology when connecting many lights if you notice delay on large arrays of fixtures..