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Quasar Science - Help Center


Lead/Follow Mode:

Blinking Data Light:  A lamp in “Follow” Mode is not receiving data from the lamp in “Lead” Mode. Reseat signal cable in both the lead and follow fixture if using a wired connection. If using CRMX, unpair receiver on "Follow" tube by pressing and holding the Link button and then re-pair to the "Lead" tube by tapping the Link button on the "Lead" tube.

Bluetooth connections:

If a fixture is not discoverable in Bluetooth mode check to confirm it is not set as LEAD fixture.

Art-Net connections:

The Universe display will flash if the fixture is set to a universe that it is not receiving.

Display is showing DMX when sending Art-Net to the fixture: Confirm that the fixture is set into Wired Mode → Art-Net and that the network cable is plugged into the LAN 1 port.

Wifi Mode:

Fixtures in wifi mode are slow to respond, confirm that the controller is only transmitting 1 universe of Art-Net to the fixtures receiving Wifi.

CCT output on one fixture doesn't match other fixtures or Console settings:

Check to see that the firmware on the fixtures is the same and the most recent. The most recent firmware can be found here. The firmware is displayed when the fixture powers up next to the quasar logo or it can be seen by entering the configuration menu and pressing the left arrow 3 times.