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The CCT output isn't matching what the control console says it should be

Quasar Science is always listening to its users and working to improve our fixtures to provide better features.

One of these improvements was an expansion of the CCT range. The initial CCT range that Quasar Science Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow fixtures could accurately achieve was 2000K-6000K.

Improvements to the software and the Quasar Science Color Science engine increased this CCT range to 1750K-10,000K. This improvement happened with firmware release 0.4S and is reflected in the fixture profiles that Quasar Science makes available for download on the website.


Using these updated profiles on fixtures with pre 0.4s firmware will result in inaccuracy in CCT output.

Quasar Science reccomends updating any fixtures to the most recent firmware. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Release notes for Quasar Science firmware updates can be found here.