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RR & R2 Vectorworks Symbols

Quasar Science lighting symbols for Vectorworks Spotlight are now available for download on the website


Download the symbol files for VW 2020 here

Download the symbol files for VW 2021 here

Quasar Science suggests that the user copy the symbol resources from the downloaded file into the users symbol library file located in "Resource Manager Favorites"

  1. Open the downloaded file "Quasar Science Symbols"

  2. In the resource Browser local the folder labeled "Quasar Science"

  3. Right click on the folder and select export

  4. Select the destination to copy the resource into

Another option is to import the resource folder directly into a working project. In this case both the project file and the downloaded Quasar Science Symbol file need to be open.

  1. Set the new project to the active tab

  2. Open the resource manager the open files tab should list the new project in Bold and the Quasar Science Symbols file in normal font. In this tab expand the Quasar Science Symbols file tree.

  3. Right Click on the folder labeled "Quasar Science" and select import

  4. Select the import destination in the new project file.

Quasar Science has included 3d geometry with these symbols so that they will correctly display in any renders done