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Troubleshooting Rainbow 1

Light fails when trying to update

Your computer may need up-to-date drivers for the update cable. Download

Rainbow update to Version 0.96 and beyond are only available for Hardware Version 2 of the Rainbows that say the word "Rainbow" above the display. If your light does not say the word "Rainbow," Version 0.95 is the final update.

Light Reboots at certain points on DMX

You may need to check your light firmware to make sure it is up-to-date. This was previously identified as a bug in Version 0.95.

Light flashes intermittently on DMX every hour

A bug was identified in Version 0.95 where light flash for a quick second every hour. This has been resolved in Version 0.96.

I updated my Light to 0.96 and it shows 0.95 on the lamp

An early version of the hardware is only able to update to version 0.95 due to hardware limitations.