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Lighting Console Profiles

These show files contain custom made DMX Profiles by Quasar Science for the RR & R2

These custom DMX Profiles match the DMX Charts for firmware 0.9.a and are backward compatible with firmware 0.7 and 0.8b.

Feel free to download and merge them into your show. In most cases the built-in fixture library provided by your console manufacturer is mapped incorrectly for our fixtures, so please use these instead.

Find more resources for the RR-R2 at the Quasar Science Downloads Page


These custom HOG4 profiles were built in HOG v3.20.0 and are 1-pix mode profiles only. To patch multiple pixels please see this article: Patching Multiple Pixels on HOG4. In some cases you may need to patch Global Parameters and +FX parameters after your pixels when using the fixture in multi-pixel modes.

  • Download the HOG showfile for 0.9a

  • Option 1: Save the Backup showfile to a USB stick and transfer the USB to the console

  • Open Backup File and Create new show


  • Option 2: Go to Show → Merge File

  • In the Fixture Schedule, the lights will appear as "Custom"

EOS Platform

ETC-EOS Profiles for Quasar Science FW 0.9A

  • Save the showfile to a USB stick; mount the USB to the Console.

  • In the EOS CIA browser navigate to File → Merge → USB drive

  • Choose Advanced → Fixtures (Only)

  • This will merge all of the profiles into the user’s showfile in the “Custom” Fixtures Folder.

  • All Profiles begin with the letters “RR” and then list the Protocol number followed by the Pixel Count. The EOS file contains both a 1-Pixel version and 48-Pixel Multicell version of each available profile. To edit a profile for a smaller pixel count (i.e. R2-25 or RR-50) please see this article: Modifying Quasar fixtures within the EOS Fixture library.


These profiles will work with Firmware 0.9A since the mappings are the same as previous firmware releases..

grandMA Profiles - Quasar Science RR R2 Profiles FW0.7B-0.8B