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IP Settings menu navigation sACN

Menu structure for Wired Settings --> Ethernet Settings:

  • View IP Address - Displays the current IP address assigned to the fixture

  • IP Address Mode

    • Auto - The fixture requests an IP Address from a DHCP server on network. Requires a DHCP server to function correctly

    • Static - Opens additional submenus that allow for the following

      • User assigned IP address Default is

      • Subnet mask  Default is

      • Gateway Default is

  • Save DHCP as Static - Stores current IP address to onboard memory

  • Multicast - Enabled/Disabled

  • Universe - DMX Universe fixture is patched to

  • DMX Channel - DMX Start address fixture is patched to

  • Node Mode

    • When enabled the LAN 2 Port of the fixture will output DMX

    • When disabled the LAN 2 port of RR fixtures will function as a network switch

    • When disabled the LAN 2 Port of R2 fixtures is disabled

  • DMX Out Universe - DMX Universe output on LAN2 port when Node Mode is enabled (as of firmware 0.8b this option is only available when using Art-Net. SACN Node Mode passes only the assigned input Universe to the dmx output of the fixture.)