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Connecting the Blackout App over Bluetooth

  1. In the RR-R2 settings, Go to [Config Menu] → [Wireless Mode] → select [Bluetooth].

  2. In the Blackout App, load your PROJECT and LOCATION. When your project opens select Link Status in the top right corner. (click to enlarge image)

    Blackout Next with Bluetooth
  3. In the dropdown, Select  Bluetooth as the Output Protocol and set which Universe to send.

  4. While the dropdown is still open, TAP the Bluetooth symbol in the lower left. This opens up a Bluetooth Devices Window.

  5. Select your RR-R2 fixture from here. You should each fixture's name and model number. If you renamed the fixture using the CRMX Toolbox app, that is the name you will see.

Once connected, the Wireless Status Light and Data Status Light on the light will both be solid Blue. If Status Lights have been turned off in the [Config Menu] these lights will turn off with the LCD Screen.


Bluetooth only allows for connection to one fixture at a time. If you want to control multiple RR-R2 fixtures over Bluetooth take a look at starCTRL for iOS.