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RR R2 0.8 Software Release Explained

Details about the v0.8 Software Release

The biggest news about Firmware 0.8 is the addition of starCTRL mode!  This new mode enables Bluetooth control of the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow fixtures from the starCTRL iOS App.


Find out all about this new mode on the starCTRL page

Other improvements in the 0.8 firmware
  1. +/- Green control added to the Rainbow Effect

  2. The Paparazzi effect now flashes a 4x larger flash for 4x longer duration, with a wider FX-rate range than it had in previous firmware versions

  3. Fixed a status light issue that would occasionally cause random incorrect colors on the status LEDs

  4. Fixed an issue with the fixture continuing to broadcast in AP mode when Wireless Settings were set to OFF

  5. Resolved an issue when using Node Mode with Art-Net or SACN.  Some R2 fixtures would not reboot into Node Mode after a power cycle


Get the latest firmware along with TimoTwo updates, dmx charts, manual and more on the RR-R2 Download page!