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How to Update TimoTwo Firmware Over USB

As of the 0.7b firmware release, the TimoTwo CRMX chip in the RR-R2 can be updated using a USB-C thumb drive.


The update-via-usb requires your RR and R2 fixtures to be using software version 0.7B or later.  Download the latest fixture firmware here from Quasar Science.  You can also click here for RR-R2 firmware update instructions.



If your TimoTwo firmware is earlier than v1.0.5.1 the update-over-usb will not work.  You will need to update over Bluetooth using the CRMX Toolbox App. first. Then any subsequent updates can be done over USB.

  1. First, download the latest TimoTwo Firmware.  QS_TT_FW_X.X.X.X.cci (If you download from the Lumenradio website, you must rename the file!)

  2. Copy the file onto USB-C thumb drive that is formatted as MS-DOS FAT32.

  3. With the light powered on and in Manual Mode (i.e. not actively receiving DMX), insert your USB-C Drive.

  4. The light will automatically detect the TimoTwo firmware on the thumb drive

  5. You will see a 5-second countdown timer then the update will proceed automatically. This allows for automated updates of many-lights-at-a-time with no additional button presses required.

  6. Next, a progress % will update while the firmware is loaded.

  7. Then the update will Verify that all went well.

  8. Update Successful means you're ready to go with the new TimoTwo update!

  9. To Verify you have the latest update, double tap the Power button to return to the main screen. Next go to Config→ Firmrware. Single Press Enter On Firmware, multiple times until it says Timo FW: X.X.X.X


If you wish, you can still update over Bluetooth by using the CRMX Toolbox App from LumenRadio.