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Wired Control: Node Mode

Ethernet In - DMX out

When controlling the Quasar Science fixture with wired Art-Net or sACN, the fixture (i.e. RR or R2) can be used as an ethernet-to-dmx node on a lighting control network. The LAN2 port on the fixture can be configured to send DMX out to a connected fixture. The process for setting the fixture in Node Mode is almost identical whether using sACN or Art-Net and is outlined below.

Set the fixture in

Wired Setting → Wired Mode → sACN or Wired Settings → Wired Mode → Art-Net

Some additional configuration locatate in Ethernet Settings is require to enable Node Mode Navigate to Wired Settings>Ethernet Settings

  1. Set the IP Add Mode as appropriate for the lighting control system

  2. Set the Universe as appropriate for the lighting control system

  3. Set the DMX Channels as appropriate for the lighting control system

  4. Set Node Mode to Enabled

The display will show the Input information on the left side and the output information on the right side

The following step ONLY applies to Wired Art-Net

Set the DMX Out Uni to the Universe to be output on the LAN2 port of the Node Mode fixture


Connect the Node Mode fixture to the lighting control network through the LAN1 port of the fixture. The Data status LED on the fixture will turn orange when the fixture is receiving valid network signal. Connect the LAN 1 port of the fixture that will recieve DMX (it's input), to the LAN 2 port of the Node Mode fixture using a cat6 ethernet cable.


sACN node mode outputs the same Universe the fixture is receiving.

Art-Net node mode outputs Universe is limited to a range of 14 universes based on what universe the node mode fixture is set to.


The wired network substatus screen will become enabled when the fixture is set to receive data via network input.Screen Information Layout