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Modifying Quasar fixtures within the EOS Fixture library.

In an effort to minimize fixture library clutter we created fixtures in single pixel and 48 pixel mode only. This guide is for when you need to modify a profile for different pixel counts.

Open the showfile that will be used.

In most cases the Quasar fixtures provided by ETC are incorrectly mapped. You can download DMX Profiles for EOS here: Lighting Console Profiles

Instructions for merging fixtures into the showfile can be found here.

Enter the patch by double tapping [Address]


Enter the Fixture editor by pressing {Fixtures} on the screen


Scroll down and select the fixture type to be modified.

Press {Copy} on the screen.

Press {Label} on the screen to rename the new fixture.


Press {Edit Multicell} on the screen to enter the fixture editor

Press the {+} icon on the screen to edit the cells in the fixture


Select the existing cell used for the fixture. Use the arrow keys or select the field and change the number of cells in the editor to match the number of cells on the fixture.

Press {OK}


If the fixture doesn't have Output or FX settings {Save Fixture} and exit to {Patch} to patch the fixtures into the show.

Fixtures with FX, Colorspace and Output Channel need further modification

Select {DMX Offset} for the Parent. Set this to one more than the highest DMX used by the Cells.


{Save Fixture} and exit to {Patch} to patch the fixtures into the show.