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Quasar Science - Help Center

Control Options for RR and R2

The RR and R2 has the following methods of control input:

  1. Manual modewith on screen controls and device buttons

  2. Wired DMX through the RJ45 ports

  3. Wired Ethernet for Art-Net and sACN control

  4. Wireless DMX with on board Lumen Radio chip

  5. WiFi Control with Art-Net over WiFi

  6. Wireless Bluetooth control with iOS / Android apps

  7. Lead / Follow Mode for manually controlling many RRs - R2s from one light. Through Wired DMX daisy chaining lights or Wirelessly through Wireless DMX

Quasar Science fixtures operate under Hold Last Look when data is lost. If data is interrupted to the fixture, it will freeze output in its current state and go into Manual Mode. If the user begins to make changes to the manual settings the fixture will apply the Intensity, Hue and Saturation values from the first pixel to the entire fixture.

Data Priority

The Order of DMX Priority is: Wired Data first, then Wireless Data.

If a light is being controlled wirelessly and then Wired Data is applied, the Wired data will take priority.